Once you fully understand the paradigm shift that has taken place - that we are all now channels, we value social proof and that we all have social capital – then you realise you need to adopt a different approach to fundraising. 

It's not how to get money out of me – it's how to inspire me to spread your story. 

You need to view fundraising holistically – it's how it all connects. Try and think of social capital as an undercurrent that can link the different parts of your fundraising programme.


Like a great garden it's how it all looks together and complements. 

The Solution

We all now connected in ways we never have been before and the price a person is prepared to pay i.e. donate,  varies from person to person. So a donor could attract other donors – all who could give at different levels – but they could also open the door to a foundation – or a corporate partnership.

You should think of marketing as inverted funnel - how to attract people to you. Marketing is now about building a movement not a tactic.