I will help you :

  1. Understand the paradigm shift and how this can be an opportunity for improving your fundraising.

  2. Develop a new business model and strategy for fundraising that focuses on engagement, sees supporters as channels in themselves, and leverages their social capital. 

  3. Implement your strategy to make it happen.

I will tailor my approach to fit with you and your organisation. Examples would include:


  • Conducting a social capital audit to highlight your strengths and provide an action plan for what you need to do. 

  • Provide one on one advice and coaching on how to develop your business model and align your fundraising strategy and resources.

  • Run seminars or workshops to help educate staff so they can develop their own ideas, and participate in meetings and project groups.

Working together will provide the following outcomes:

  • You will be able to think for yourself how to apply this approach to fundraising.

  • Your supporters acting as your best marketers - a powerful and cost effective channel in themselves.

  • Your organisation will leverage the social capital of your supporters and help deliver more money for your mission.

How I can help you 

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